"Simonne, thanks for your message. We really appreciate all the people who took the time and trouble to come and see us.

I suppose in a perverse way it's a good thing we are not in regular contact as it shows we are not doing too much wrong on the HR front. Regardless of that fact, it is very important to me personally that I can trust the network of support services we need to help run our business and Pelly's certainly falls into that category."

Employment and HR

Pellys has the benefit of two senior and very experienced lawyers who specialise in this field of work. The law is rapidly evolving in this field of work and both Nick Johns and Simonne McIvor have between them in excess of twenty years experience in this field. The services they supply include:

Handling claims in the tribunal including defending claims and issuing claims

Advising on general HR day to day matters with practical advice by telephone or email

Advising on employment related matters pre mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures

Drafting contracts, handbooks and various employment related policies

Advising on Transfer of Employment matters (TUPE)

Advising on Compromise agreements

Training programmes on how to handle disciplinary and grievance issues in the workplace

Advising on Restrictions on employees

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